EIS Ltd is a provider of Infrastructure Service Solutions, we have a range of experience partnering with customers and providing a wide range of services. We seamlessly tailor our services, in order to allow our customers to focus on being successful in their core business, knowing that their business infrastructure is in the best hands.


  • Efficient management of non-core activities
  • More time to concentrate on core activities
  • Reliable service levels and performance improvement
  • Single point reporting, action and invoicing
  • Unit cost reduction and improved asset utilisation

EIS Ltd has a 'best practice' policy towards providing the highest quality, and best value for money, support services.We take a highly refined approach to the use of multi-skilled personnel and seamlessly integrate our self-sufficient teams. We work with service partners who, like us, have customer service as a priority.


More and more customers are looking for greater value from their spend on business services. They identify a need for a solutions-based approach that looks at the nature and detail of work processes and the skills and priorities of the people involved in the delivery of these services. Opportunities for the use of technology are central to streamlining processes to achieve greater effectiveness and economy.


EIS recognises the environmental impact that organisations are making and can provide clients with an innovative range of systems and products,such as the Sani-Sleeve urinal water and waste management system that reduce the energy and water output for clients but also improve the environmental impact.